Astin Trew AT2-2100 Black demo

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Astin Trew AT2-2100

Astin Trew AT2-2100 demoex i väldigt fint skick.

OBS! Volymratten är silverfärgad på alla producerade exemplar.

Astin Trew AT2-2100 integrated 90W/8ohm amplifier is a major step forward for Astin Trew and replaces the AT2000. Using a hybrid transformer / active pre-amplifier design stage, with a patented class A/B MOSFET power amplifier, it offers both extremely low distortion and high level of musicality at its price point. The sound quality is almost valve like, the mids and highs are smooth and open, and the bass has real authority as only a well designed solid state design can achieve; the whole offers a beautifully integrated sound-scape usually only available from higher priced amplifiers.

Inside, there is a large transformer and power supply, feeding boards populated with audiophile quality components, all housed in ventilated casework with a distinctive aluminium front fascia design, available in three standard anodised finishes, silver black and red.

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