Rebec ES4 demo

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Rebec ES4 High-End 4-kanalare på 4x150W RMS

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Rebec ES4

Rebec ES4 är för dig som vi ha det absolut bästa för pengarna!

Denna 4-kanalare har inte bara ett detaljerat ljud utan även en stor skopa pondus i basområdet om inspelningen kräver det. Otrolig kontroll även när det gräver djupt.

Ett av de bästa steg vi lyssnat på i testbänken oavsett pris.

Båda har varit uppe ur kartongen men är oanvända.


Legend Series Amplifier

The legend Series Amplifiers is the masterpiece of the highest technical level by Rebec R&D team. It’s also an Important sign for Rebec upgrade to the High-End car audio system level. The rebec technical team through over ten years of cumulative experience and research, exceed Rebec aesthetic appearance and the sound quality concept, expect for the best amplifier, innovation, and the latest high-level results. The legend series amplifier design is perfect match the R&D technology and the concept from designer´s comprehension the music philosophy.  with the world´s top standard and positioning for the power amplifier, perfection of sound performance.The Legend series amplifiers are available in ES4 and ES2


Unique Electric Circuit Design:

The power supply and audio signal are designed separately, they can make not interfere with each other and are completely isolated. The power amplifier´s signal-to-noise ratio, resolution, harmonic distortion parameters can be at the highest level. The dual power transformers ensure a strong dynamic sound.


Special Materials:

The power terminal and the speaker terminal are treated with pure copper CNC cut gold plating. and the internal resistance is almost zero, greatly reduces the loss of current and signal during transmission, thereby ensuring its high dynamics. The preamplifier uses a Hi-End grade gold-sealed single-operation LME49710HA, pure gold-plated pins, and it is produced by the world´s top SMT precision to ensure accurate and perfect reproduction of sound.

Operating mode:          Class AB

Input sensitivity:              0.13-5.5V

Power supply:                 10-16V

Frequency range:          10Hz-40KHz

Output power :              150W×4ch

Bridged output power: 570W

Signal to noise ratio:      >103dB

Internal fuse:                    25Ax4

Dimensions:                     438×240×63(mm)


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